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Discussion with Mr. Stephen de Jong, CEO Integra Gold Corp. (TSX: ICG): Exploring High Grade Lamaque South Project in Val-d’Or in Quebec Canada's Premier Gold Producing Districts
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Integra Gold Corp. (TSX.V: ICG; OTCQX: ICGQF) is a Canadian company focused on exploration of their high-grade Lamaque South Project, located in one of Canada's premier gold producing districts, known as Val-d’Or in Quebec. Integra Gold is an amazing company. The company is very well-managed, well-funded and innovative. It has a great team, excellent properties and locations, a mill and is a projected low-cost gold producer. Integra is drilling aggressively and has a proven resource growth record. Eldorado Gold with a $2.9 billion Market Cap is a very strong partner and owns 13.1% of Integra Gold. The gold resource estimate shows 872,850 ounces at 9.04 g/t Indicated and 800,620 ounces at 9.08 g/t Inferred. The historic Sigma Mill located on the property is a fully-permitted, 2,200 ton per day mill and tailings facility. According to Stephen de Jong, CEO and President of Integra Gold, in the future they anticipate production of more than 100,000 gold ounces per year with projected all-in cost of $731 Canadian per ounce, which makes them one of the lowest cost producers in the world. Currently, the company is drilling to increase the size of their resource.
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Dr. Allen Alper Interviews Mr. Robin Goad, President and CEO of Fortune Minerals: Focused on Advancing their NICO Gold-Cobalt-Bismuth-Copper Project in the Northwest Territories
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Fortune Minerals Limited (TSX (Canada): FT | OTC QX (USA): FTMDF) is a North American mining company focused on advancing their NICO gold-cobalt-bismuth-copper project in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Recently, Dave Ramsay, former Cabinet Minister with the Government of the Northwest Territories, joined their board bringing in his important political experience and business background. According to Mr. Robin Goad, President and CEO of Fortune Minerals, their metals are well positioned for recovery, and the products that they are going to produce have very significant demand growth right now. Currently, the company is concentrating essentially on a project financing and talking to potential offtake partners.
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Interview of Scott Parsons, VP of Investor Relations of Alamos Gold Inc. (TSX: AGI, NYSE: AGI): Strong Balance Sheet, Very Strong Portfolio and Developing Six low-Cost Projects
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC`

Alamos Gold, Inc. (TSX: AGI, NYSE: AGI) is a growing gold producer with diversified gold production from three mines in Canada and Mexico, two of the best mining jurisdictions in the world. The company also has a portfolio of six low cost development projects. According to Scott Parsons, VP of Investor Relations of Alamos Gold Incorporated, they also have one of the stronger balance sheets in the mining space. The company expects to produce 370,000 to 400,000 ounces of gold in 2016.
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Durango Resources Inc. TSX.V: DGO Interview with Marcy Kiesman, CEO
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Durango Resources Inc. TSX.V: DGO is well positioned for a discovery with properties adjacent to a Nemaska Lithium and to several new gold discoveries, as well as a potential graphite property in southern Quebec. According to Marcy Kiesman, CEO of Durango, they are actively looking for a joint venture partners to help fund the exploration without diluting the company, which is being held as closely as possible until the market conditions improve. Marcy. Kiesman is hoping that, with the increasing demand for precious metals, Durango will be able to put itself on the map as a successful junior.
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Aeris Resources Limited (TSX: AIS) completes Debt Restructures and Sales of Non-Core Assets to Focus on Copper Production in Australia
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC

Aeris Resources Limited (TSX: AIS) is an established Australian mining and exploration company that recently completed a three year corporate turnaround which included restructuring its debt, closing or selling non-core assets and changing their name (previously Straits Resources Limited). Their flagship asset is the Tritton Copper operations in New South Wales. It includes multiple mines and a processing plant and is aiming to produce at least 29.5 thousand tons of copper this year. Robert Brainsbury, CFO of Aeris Resources Limited (TSX: AIS) believes that the longer term fundamentals for copper remain attractive and with the turnaround completed, Aeris is now looking for opportunities to expand its business, through development of new mines at its current operation and through M&A, to position itself to take advantage of improvements in the copper price.
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Dr Alper Interviews Don Dudek, President and CEO of Savary Gold: Karankasso Gold Project in the Prolific Houndé Gold Belt in Burkina Faso, West Africa
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC

Savary Gold Corp. (V.SCA) is focused on the exploration and development of its Karankasso gold Project located in Burkina Faso within an emerging gold camp in the prolific Houndé Gold Belt. The project's first resource estimate last November was just under 700,000 ounces, at 2.28 grams of gold per ton. According to Don Dudek, President and CEO of Savary Gold, Burkina has been a fairly good jurisdiction that has seen a lot of new investment, with quite competitive costs for exploration drilling services. The project has good upside potential with discovery of several new gold-bearing trends. Exploration drilling expected to resume in Q2/16.
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Marathon Gold Corporation (TSX: MOZ) Advances Valentine Lake Gold Project Located in Mining-Friendly Newfoundland with Drilling in Preparation for PEA Study
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Phil Walford has excellent experience and is a strong professional geologist and he has a very capable team. Marathon Gold Corporation (TSX: MOZ) is currently completing drilling on the Valentine Lake project located in Newfoundland as they prepare to begin a formal PEA study. Initial results are promising.
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Focus Graphite (TSX: FMS) Plans to Mine and to Produce Graphite and Graphite Products with Advancements of its Lac Knife Project in Quebec
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC

Focus Graphite (TSX: FMS) is currently in plans to mine and build a production facility to produce graphite and lithium battery options in the future. Focus Graphite has an expert team led by the vision and guidance of Gary Economo. Focus has one of highest grade graphite deposits and is projected to be a low cost producer in mine friendly Quebec.
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CanAlaska Uranium (TSXV: CVV) Targets High Grade Uranium in their Extensive Uranium Rich Holdings in Mining-Friendly Athabasca Basin
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC

CanAlaska Uranium (TSXV: CVV) is currently working on additional exploration of their holdings in the Athabasca Basin, which is known for its vast uranium assets. CanAlaska has identified large unconformity targets while also finding surface showings of high grade uranium in the eastern side of their holdings. CanAlaska has partnerships with major international companies and a strong successful management team. Their extensive uranium holdings present a good opportunity for the value of the Company to increase as uranium prices rise, and as drilling progresses on their targets.
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Rockex Mining (CSE: RXM) Corp Announces Stellar Results on Lake St. Joseph Iron Ore Project in Canada
by By Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC:

Rockex Mining (CSE: RXM) just announced world-class results on their Lake St. Joseph iron ore project. It has a $9.4 billion Net Present Value with a 6% discount rate or a $6.6 Billion Net Present Value with an 8% discount rate, a 22.5% Internal Rate of Return (pre-tax) and a 3.7 year pay back with an Initial Investment of $3.772 Billion (not including sustaining capital). Mr. Armando Plastino, President and CEO, has a great background for moving Rockex towards production. He and his team are doing an amazing job securing near and long term financing for Rockex to advance the project.
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Nautilus Minerals (TSX: NUS) Advances Sea Floor Mining Project with High Grades of Copper and Gold in New Guinea
by Dr. Allen Alper

Nautilus Minerals (TSX: NUS) is a pioneer in developing deep-water mining in New Guinea, offering extremely high grades of copper and gold. It is the first company to explore the seafloor, commercially, for massive sulphide systems, a potential source of high grade copper, gold, zinc and silver.
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Radisson Mining (TSX: RDS), Advances the O’Brien Gold Project in the World Renown Historic Mining Camp on the Cadillac Fault in Mining-Friendly Quebec
by Dr. Allen Alper

Radisson Mining (TSX: RDS), is currently working on advancing their O’Brien gold project, located in the heart of the world renown historic mining camp on the Cadillac Fault located in Canada’s Quebec. Radisson has completed PEA, has identified 94 exploration drilling targets to generate value, has very high grade and has a Capex lower than 50 million CAD.
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Peak Resources (ASX: PEK) Advances Ngualla Rare Earth Deposit toward Production with High Grades and Low Capex in Tanzania
by Dr. Allen Alper

Peak Resources (ASX: PEK), focused on their Ngualla rare earth deposit located in Tanzania, which is a high quality, low cost and low Capex project. Ngualla is very high in Neodymium and Praseodymium, which are the magnet metal rare earths. It is the world’s highest grade undeveloped project for these two metals, which are the most valuable of the rare earths. The bulk of the composition of high powered magnets is made from these two metals. The project has a very competent team that is being led by Darren Townsend.
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Forsys Metals’ (TSX: FSY) Norasa Uranium Project Poised for Construction in Namibia
by Allen Alper Jr.

Forsys Metals (TSX: FSY), is currently poised to move their Norasa uranium project forward in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Namibia, as soon as funding can be arranged. Marcel Hilmer, the CEO of Forsys Metals and his knowledgeable team are positioning Norasa Uranium for development. It is a world class deposit in mining- friendly Namibia.
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Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) Set to Produce High Purity Alumina at Low Cost in Near Future
by Allen Alper Jr.

Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) is aiming to produce high purity alumina (99.99%) from their Meckering kaolin deposit located in Western Australia and downstream processing plant in Malaysia. High purity alumina is used in the production of LEDs and artificial sapphires.
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Dr. Alper Interviews Anthony Julien, President and CEO: Brazilian High Grade Manganese for the Fertilizer and Steel industries
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Cancana and Ferrometals’ President and CEO, Anthony Julien updates Metals News on its shift to high grade Manganese for fertilizer and steel industries with its Brazil Manganese Corporation, and addition of multi-commodity exploration programs for tin.
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Interview of Paul West-Sells, President and CEO of Western Copper and Gold Corporation (TSX: WRN; NYSE MKT: WRN)
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Last summer Goldman Sachs took a look at all the copper projects in the copper universe and ranked Western Copper and Gold Corporation number one based on economics. The Yukon is getting a lot of attention these days, after Goldcorp’s recent offer to enter into the territory. The company is led by the very competent Paul West-Sells, President and CEO and a very knowledgeable Board and team.
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Interview with Lance D'Ambrosio, President and CEO of Crystal Peak Minerals (TSXV: CPM, OTCQX: CPMMF): Planning on Becoming One of the Highest Margin SOP Operations Globally and Evaluating the Production of Associated Lithium and Magnesium Compounds Using
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Crystal Peak Minerals Inc. (TSXV: CPM, OTCQX: CPMMF) is developing its world-class potash project on the Sevier Playa in southwestern Utah. This is an advanced-stage, pre-revenue project that will produce sulfate of potash (SOP), a high-value fertilizer that's used on sensitive crops, employing an environmentally-friendly solar evaporation process. According to Lance D'Ambrosio, President and CEO of Crystal Peak Minerals, this is a very low CAPEX project. The company intends to be one of the highest margin SOP operations globally.
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Stanmore Coal Limited (ASX:SMR) Prepares to Get Coking Coal to Asian Markets from Isaac Plains Project Located in Australia
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC

Stanmore Coal Limited (ASX:SMR)) is preparing to send their first shipment of coking coal out from the Isaac Plains project located in Australia’s Bowen Basin. Isaac Plains is an established mining asset with mining and transportation infrastructure in place and potential for future expansion via Isaac Plains East and underground mining at Isaac Plains. According to Nick Jorss, Managing Director of Stanmore Coal, in this coal market it is all about lowering the cost, and bringing Isaac back on line has decreased the costs by 35%.
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Dr. Alper Interviews Jack Stoch President and CEO of GLOBEX with a Huge Highly Diversified North American Portfolio
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC

GLOBEX Mining Enterprises Inc. is a TSX, Frankfurt and OTCQX-listed Corporation with a huge highly diversified North American portfolio of over 130 mid-stage exploration, development and royalty properties containing precious, base and specialty metals and minerals. According to Jack Stoch, director, president, and CEO of GLOBEX, they are basically a mineral bank that owns all these properties and has no debt. GLOBEX seeks to create shareholder value by acquiring mineral properties, enhancing them and either exploring, optioning or joint venturing them, developing them to production, or in some cases selling projects outright.
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Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (TSX: AVL, OTCQX: AVLNF, formerly Avalon Rare Metals Inc.), is an Emerging Producer of Lithium for Battery Markets
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (TSX: AVL, OTCQX: AVLNF), is a diversified specialty metals and minerals company with three advanced projects offering investors exposure to a broad range of the critical materials needed for clean technology. Avalon is now focused on its Separation Rapids Lithium Project to take advantage of the growing demand for high purity lithium chemicals in energy storage. Avalon is an established player in the lithium space with an advanced project and an experienced management team. Investors interested in lithium equities should give Avalon a close look.
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NovaCopper Inc. (NYSE-MKT, TSX: NCQ) Works toward Prefeasibility Study on Very High Grade Copper and Polymetallic Arctic Deposit Located in Alaska
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC

NovaCopper Inc. (NYSE-MKT, TSX: NCQ) is focused on exploring and developing the Ambler mining district in Northwestern Alaska. NovaCopper is currently working toward a prefeasibility study on its most advanced project – the very high-grade polymetallic Arctic deposit. Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President and CEO of NovaCopper and Founder, President, and CEO of NOVAGOLD from1997 to 2012, and his team have an amazing high grade property, well financed and with excellent corporate values. NovaCopper enjoys a very good relationship and cooperation with local communities through its agreement with NANA Regional Corporation, Inc., a Regional Alaska Native Corporation.
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Flinders Resources LTD (TSXV:FDR) Manufacturing Refractory Grade Graphite and Developing a Graphite Product to Provide New Source for Battery Needs in Europe and North America
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC

Flinders Resources (TSX:FDR) is in a great position being one of only two graphite producers in the EU supplying the graphite market in Europe. The company has a large high grade and quality graphite resource, fully operational mine and processing facility, and a proven and experienced management team. They have been producing refractory grade graphite (94% purity) at their 100% owned Woxna mine and processing facility in Sweden. Currently they are working on growing their business model to produce high purity graphite to the automotive battery sector. Blair Way, CEO of Flinders Resources and his team have achieved 99.9% purity and are working with battery and automotive manufactures to develop and qualify their product.
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Sierra Metals (TSX: SMT) Expands Production and Exploration at Yauricocha, Bolivar and Cusi Mines Located in Mining-Friendly Peru and Mexico
by Dr. Allen Alper

Sierra Metals (TSX: SMT), is an historic low cost producer of base and precious metals. It has strong leadership and financial position with high liquidity and cash flows. It also has three properties located in Peru and Mexico. It is currently looking to expand production and exploration to improve their profitability and production levels
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African Gold Group (TSX: AGG) Advances Mali-Based Kobada Gold Project with Completed Economic Assessment
by Dr. Allen Alper

African Gold Group (TSX: AGG) is currently advancing the Kobada gold project located in Mali, with a completed economic assessment and plans to pursue equity and debt financing. Data indicates that the Kobada Gold project will have a low CAPEX and OPEX with a 511,000 ounce gold reserve.
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PDAC Offers Comprehensive Investors Exchange Area During Upcoming Toronto-Based Event
by Allen Alper Jr.

The PDAC International Convention (, will be held from March 6-9, 2016, with a focus on the investors’ exchange.
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Vital Metals (ASX: VML) Takes 100% Control of Watershed Tungsten Project in Australia with Permitting Completed
by Dr. Allen Alper

With JOGMEC forfeiting 30% interest, Vital Metals has recently gained 100% control of their Watershed tungsten project, located in mining friendly Australia, and Vital Metals is commencing discussions with new project development partners. Their optimization of the flotation process is projected to reduce Capex and Opex. They are currently working on advancing the project to production. Many analysts are forecasting that the demand for tungsten will increase and that there will be a supply deficit.
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Lithium Australia (ASX: LIT) Revolutionizes Lithium Recovery with New Process, Currently Working in Europe and Australia
by Dr. Allen Alper

Under the excellent leadership of Managing Director Adrian Griffin, Lithium Australia (ASX: LIT) found a way to recover lithium more easily. They are using a process they developed with a past project, and are now working in Europe and Australia to recover lithium more efficiently from mica.
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Largo Resources (TSX.V: LGO) Secures Financing to Allow Advancement of the World’s Highest Grade Vanadium Project in South America
by Dr. Allen Alper

Largo Resources (TSX: LGO), with world class vanadium projects in South America and Canada, has now secured financing that will allow them to continue to develop their assets. Mark Smith, President and CEO, has been with Largo Resources since April 2015. He and his technical team are now achieving the greatest vanadium recoveries of any mine in the world and are on track to be one of the lowest cost producers.
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Seabridge Gold Advances KSM Project in British Columbia to Largest Undeveloped Gold Reserve in the World
by Allen Alper Jr.

Seabridge Gold (TSX: SEA) is currently advancing the KSM project, the largest undeveloped documented gold/copper reserve in the world at this time. It is located in northwestern British Columbia. Rudi Fronk and his team have done an amazing job exploring and defining this huge gold /copper project, in mine- friendly British Columbia, with low share dilution. He is positioning the project for a joint venture with a major mining company.
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Solenoid Valve Market Growing Steady at 3.54% CAGR to 2022 Driven by 3-way Solenoid Valves
PUNE, India, June 28, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The solenoid valve market registered a shipment of 12.94 million units in 2015 and is expected to reach 20.29 million units by 2022. The major factors contributing to the growth of this market include the growing importance for providing clean and safe drinking water worldwide and growing investments in various industries across developing economies such as China and India. Complete report on global solenoid valve market spread across 171 pages, profiling 10 companies and supported with 74 tables and 95 figures is now available at .
White Mountain Files Supplemental Information to Definitive Proxy Statement
SANTIAGO, Chile, June 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- White Mountain Titanium Corporation ("White Mountain" or the "Company") (OTCQB: WMTM) filed supplemental information to its definitive proxy statement, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") on June 13, 2016. Due to the Company's geographically diverse stockholder base, in order to give all stockholders greater access to the Annual Meeting of Stockholders (the "Annual Meeting") to be held on July 8, 2016 at 7:00 a.m. MDT at 1656 Reunion Avenue, Suite 250, South Jordan, Utah 84095, the Company will give access to the Annual Meeting by telephone or electronically to all stockholders who comply with the attendance procedures as outlined in the definitive proxy statement and supplemental information. All stockholders who wish to attend the Annual Meeting must either call or email Jamie Lloyd at (801) 446-8802 or on or before July 5, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. MDT and ask to have their name placed on the attendance list.
Hebei Zhongheng Tianda Platinum Co. Limited to Purchase the Crocodile River Mine
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - June 28, 2016) - Eastern Platinum Limited (TSX:ELR) (JSE:EPS) ("Eastplats" or the "Company") today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement with Hebei Zhongheng Tianda Platinum Co. Limited ("HZT"), a private company incorporated in the People's Republic of China ("PRC"), whereby HZT will acquire the Company's South African subsidiary, Barplats Mines Limited, which holds the Crocodile River Mine, and associated intercorporate investments and loans, for total consideration of US$50 million payable in cash on closing (the "Acquisition"). The consideration received by Eastplats will be net of transaction costs, including amounts payable to certain minority interests, which amounts remain to be determined.
Vanstar Acquires the Cristalina Gold Project in Brazil
LA PRAIRIE, QUÉBEC--(Marketwired - June 28, 2016) - The management of Vanstar Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:VSR) announces that it has signed a Letter of Intent with Merrygold Investments Ltd to acquire 100% of the Cristalina project in the province of Goias, Brazil.
Goldstrike Yukon Program Commenced
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - June 28, 2016) - Goldstrike Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:GSR)(OTC PINK:APRAF)(FRANKFURT:KCG1) is pleased to report that it has received a five year advanced exploration permit for its 100% owned flagship Plateau project, and that the 2016 program has commenced. This 5 year exploration permit will cover all of the planned activities that are required to systematically unlock the full potential of this underexplored, district-scale gold system, including up to 200 drill holes totalling 20,000 meters and development of up to 100 trenches. It will also allow Goldstrike the flexibility to ramp up its exploration and move the project forward at an accelerated pace, with provision for two 20-person camps, helipads and two docks on float-plane accessible lakes. The Plateau gold project has already attracted widespread attention, including from major gold producers, and Goldstrike is focused on optimizing its exploration and financial options going forward, to grow it asset value for the benefit of the Company's stakeholders. Having the permit in place will enhance the appeal of the project to prospective senior partners and increase the potential for significant new investment.
Indiana Posts Fifth Straight Year of Manufacturing Gains
EVANSTON, IL--(Marketwired - June 28, 2016) - Manufacturers' News, Inc. -- Manufacturing employment in Indiana rose for a fifth straight year, though at a slower rate than in previous years, reports the 2016 Indiana Manufacturers Directory®, an industrial database and directory published by Manufacturers' News, Inc. (MNI) Evanston, IL. According to MNI's industrial database, manufacturers in Indiana added 1,451 new jobs between April 2015 and April 2016, or less than one percent.
Double Crown Resources to Accelerate Marketing and Maximize Assets by Licensing Advanced Intermodal Transport System to Large Container Manufacturers and Global Shipping Operators
HENDERSON, NV, June 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Double Crown Resources, Inc. (DDCC) is currently moving forward with wide ranging plans for the commercial marketing of the interlocking, intermodal bulk commodity transport system called Translock² (Translock Squared). After recently receiving approval notification from The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the Translock² system, the management of Double Crown has determined that the best course of action at this time will be to employ a multi-patent strategy to secure all of the key design features on Translock² while simultaneously engaging in a major new marketing effort with some of the world's largest transport container manufacturers and global shipping operators.

Double Crown Resources has now filed a continuation patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for multiple additional patents on the Translock² transport system. The company's new marketing plan will leverage the multi-patent position and utilize the assets of the patents in licensing this advanced and unique new technology both domestically and internationally. Offering licensing rights to the multi-patent Translock² system will allow Double Crown to align with some of the largest industry names in container manufacturing and shipping for the quickest route to commercial employment of Translock² units and major revenue generation for the company.  

Chairman & CEO Jerold S. Drew stated, "Our Double Crown Resources team has produced the most important new development in bulk commodity transport today. With the primary patent approval we have already received, and the multiple additional patent features just filed on, we are now ready to take this unmatched interlocking container system to the world markets. Our President, Allen E. Lopez is currently engaged in direct marketing efforts for Translock² licensing contracts with some of the largest and most well-known companies in the commodity transport industry. We will make further announcements on new marketing developments as they occur."   

About Double Crown Resources, Inc.

PhytoPain Pharma Reports Successful Pre-CTA Consultation With Health Canada for Its Phase I Trial With Cannabis
OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 28, 2016) - PhytoPain Pharma Inc. ("PhytoPain Pharma" or "PPP"), a subsidiary of GrowPros Cannabis Ventures Inc. ("GrowPros" or the "Company") (CSE:GCI), is pleased to announce a successful pre-CTA (Clinical Trial Application) consultation with the Therapeutic Products Directorate ("TPD") of Health Canada regarding its proposed Phase I clinical study of smoked cannabis. PhytoPain Pharma submitted for review by the regulators, a pre-CTA information package to brief TPD on the planned clinical study and the investigational drug and its comparator (placebo). Health Canada provided feedback and guidance on the Phase I trial's study population, placebo material, and neurological and cognitive assessment measures.
WestKam to Begin Bulk Sample Program at Bonaparte
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - June 28, 2016) - WestKam Gold Corp. (TSX VENTURE:WKG) (the "Company" or "WestKam") is pleased to report that the required documents to initiate the 10,000 tonne bulk sample program have been submitted to the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and with their approval, work has begun in preparation of advancing the decline towards the Grey Jay/ Crow vein system. The remaining underground mining equipment and personnel are being mobilized to the site this week. Compressed air, water, electrical services and ventilation will be installed and once in place, advancement of the decline will begin and extraction of the material will begin the week of July 4.
World Steel Pipe Industry
LONDON, June 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Study coverage

This report offers historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) plus forecasts (2019 and 2024) by application for six world regions and 19 major countries. The study also considers market environment factors, examines the industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 25 industry players worldwide.

World demand to rise 3.5% annually through 2019

Global demand for steel pipe is forecast to advance 3.5 percent per annum through 2019 to 79.7 million metric tons, with growth paced by continued strong increases in developing markets. The pace of gains will decelerate from that of the 2009-2014 period as construction activity slows in China and numerous other developing countries, and oil and gas exploration moderates in North America after a period of rapid growth.

Equipment manufacturing market to see fastest gains

The oil and gas market is the dominant application for steel pipe. Steel makes up the vast majority of pipe used in oil and gas transportation and especially production due to its high strength and pressure and thermal resistance. Demand for oil and gas pipe saw healthy growth between 2009 and 2014, driven by growth in China and North America; however, advances are expected to decelerate because of slowing exploration and drilling due to already high production and lower oil prices.

Steel pipe used in equipment manufacturing is expected to see above-average growth through 2019. Although efforts to simplify automotive manufacturing and reduce the weight of finished products will check more robust demand advances, continued expansion in durable goods manufacturing will support strong growth. Structural steel will also see growth above the global average through 2019. Although slowing expansion in the oil and gas market (as structural steel pipe is often used in well construction) will limit advances, construction spending growth will drive demand.

Steel pipe also sees significant usage in construction markets, where it is used in a variety of applications, such as conduit, sewer, and drainage. However, unlike the oil and gas market, steel exhibits lower penetration in most applications due to price and performance advantages of other materials such as plastic.

Growth in China to slow but remain above global average

China, by far the world's largest national market, with 30 percent of global demand in 2014, was a primary driver of demand growth for steel pipe between 2004 and 2014. Expansion across all steel pipe markets, especially in OEM, structural, mechanical, and construction applications, sparked global steel pipe demand.

Download the full report:

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Reportbuyer is a leading industry intelligence solution that provides all market research reports from top publishers
Cardinal Resources Ltd (ASX:CDV) 310m Wide Gold Zone Intersected at Namdini Project
Cardinal Resources Limited (ASX:CDV) ("Cardinal" or "the Company") is pleased to report the results of a further two diamond drill holes, NMDD413-731 and NMDD411-752, recently completed on the Namdini Project ("Namdini"), Ghana (Figure 1, see link below).
Applied Minerals, Inc. Announces Closing of $1.64 Million Capital Raise
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - June 27, 2016) - Applied Minerals, Inc. (the "Company" or "Applied Minerals") (OTCQB: AMNL), a leading global producer of halloysite clay and advanced natural iron oxides, has announced the closing of a $1.64 million capital raise to fund the continued commercialization of its DRAGONITE™ and AMIRON™ products.
Schaeffler Supplies Key Components for New Panama Canal
PANAMA CITY, Fla. and SCHWEINFURT, Germany, June 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- After a nine-year construction period, the new, third channel of the Panama Canal opened yesterday. Starting immediately, ships with a maximum length of 366 meters (984 feet) and a width of around 50 meters (164 feet) can travel this shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Until now, the passage was restricted to ships that were no more than 290 meters (951 feet) long and 32 meters (105 feet) wide. Bearing solutions from Schaeffler keep lock gates and valves moving.
Algold Reports Impressive Assay Results Including 70.8 g/t Au in Rock Chips from Tijirit's Eleonore Zone in Mauritania
MONTREAL, June 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --
Geoscience BC Releases Comprehensive Guide for BC Communities on Development of Direct-Use Geothermal
VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - June 27, 2016) - Geoscience BC today released its Direct-Use Geothermal Roadmap, a comprehensive guide for communities and businesses to help them evaluate and develop local geothermal energy projects to stimulate economic development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Goldgroup Provides An Update On San José de Gracia Project
VANCOUVER, June 27, 2016 /CNW/ - Goldgroup Mining Inc. ("Goldgroup" or the "Company") (TSX:GGA, OTC:GGAZF, BMV SIX:GGAN.MX) has read a news article ("Article") dated June 26, 2016, published by Noroeste, a major newspaper based in the state of Sinaloa, in regards to a reported mandatory shutdown ("Shutdown") of the San José de Gracia ("SJG Project") mining operations by the State Government. While Goldgroup believes the article to be reliable, it has not yet had an opportunity to independently confirm the facts reported in the article.
Centerra Gold Reports Kumtor Mine Receives 2016 Mine Plan Approval
Attachment Available:
Goldcorp releases 2015 Sustainability Report
VANCOUVER, June 27, 2016 /CNW/ - GOLDCORP INC. (TSX: G, NYSE: GG) has published its latest Sustainability Report, which provides a detailed insight into the company's economic, environmental, and social performance, as well as its commitment to responsible mining and sustainability excellence.
Atlantic Gold Completes Final Tranche of Gold Price Hedging Contracts
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - June 27, 2016) - All figures presented in Canadian Dollars, unless specified otherwise.
BacTech Closes First Tranche of Private Placement
TORONTO, CANADA--(Marketwired - June 27, 2016) - BacTech Environmental Corporation ("BacTech" or the "Company"), (CSE:BAC)(OTC PINK:BCCEF) (WKN: A1H4TY) today announced that it has completed a second closing for the CAD$500,000 private placement announced on May 31, 2016.
Lydian Strengthens Management Team for Amulsar Construction
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 27, 2016) - Lydian International Limited (TSX:LYD) ("Lydian" or "the Company") is pleased to announce the appointments of Joseph Phillips as Chief Operating Officer and Robert Carreau as Vice President of Sustainability, effective July 1, 2016.
NexGen Announces Appointment of Technical and Development Personnel
VANCOUVER, June 27, 2016 /CNW/ - NexGen Energy Ltd. ("NexGen" or the "Company") (TSXV:NXE, OTCQX:NXGEF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Troy Boisjoli as Senior Project and Operations Manager - Arrow, Rook I, Rob Maciak as Senior Projects Manager - Permitting and Development, and Matthew Batty as Senior Geologist - Arrow Resource Development.
Mexus Gold US announces Santa Elena mine update
CARSON CITY, Nev., June 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mexus Gold US (OTCQB:MXSG) (“Mexus” or the “Company”) along with its mine partner MarMar holdings gave an update on the progress at the Santa Elena mine. 
Mariana Resources Ltd : Mariana Commences Preliminary Economic Assessment for the High Grade Gold-Copper Hot Maden Project
Encanto announces issuance of shares in settlement of liabilities
USW: ITC Affirmative Vote on Corrosion Resistant Steel Products Will Provide More Relief
PITTSBURGH, June 24, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard issued the following statement today after the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) voted unanimously that imports of certain corrosion-resistant steel products from China, India, Italy, Korea and Taiwan are injuring domestic producers and workers. The ITC's vote follows a unanimous affirmative vote earlier this week that injury had also been inflicted on domestic producers and workers making cold-rolled steel flat products.
Honey Badger Announces Results of Annual Meeting
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 24, 2016) - Honey Badger Exploration Inc. (TSX VENTURE:TUF) (the "Company" or "Honey Badger") announces the results of the Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders (the "Meeting") held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on June 24, 2016. All resolutions were passed with the required majorities.
Brexit and the Markets: CROSS-COMMODITY FACTBOX by S&P Global Platts
LONDON, June 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union sent shockwaves Friday through many of the commodities that S&P Global Platts covers. Below are some of the moves seen in Friday's trading. You may quote from this in part or full with attribution to S&P Global Platts.
U. S. Steel President And CEO Comments On Affirmative Decision By International Trade Commission In Core Trade Case
PITTSBURGH, June 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today United States Steel Corporation (NYSE: X) President and CEO Mario Longhi issued the following statement in response to the International Trade Commission (ITC)'s affirmative decision regarding corrosion-resistant steel imports.
Mount Polley Mine Receives Authorization for Return to Normal Operations
VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - June 23, 2016) - Imperial Metals Corporation ("Imperial" or "Company") (TSX: III) reports that the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Ministry of Environment have issued the necessary authorizations to allow Mount Polley Mine ("Mount Polley") to return to normal operations making use of its repaired and buttressed Tailings Storage Facility ("TSF").
New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces AGM Results
CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - June 23, 2016) - New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or the "Company") (TSX:NML) announced today the results of the Annual General and Special Meeting of the shareholders of NML held on June 23, 2016 (the "Meeting"). 35 Shareholders holding a total of 89,835,856 common shares of the Company were represented at the Meeting in person or proxy, representing approximately 49.62% of the total votes attached to all issued and outstanding common shares of the Company as of the record date on May 24, 2016. Voting on all matters at the Meeting were conducted by ballot other than the re-appointment of the auditors which was conduct by a show of hands.
Titanium Corp Receives Canadian and U.S. Patents and Updates Investor Presentation
CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - June 23, 2016) - Titanium Corporation Inc. ("Titanium" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:TIC) is pleased to announce that the Company has recently been granted two patents covering key aspects of its Creating Value from WasteCVW™ technologies. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office issued Canadian Patent 2,839,509 ("Methods for Separating a Feed Material Derived from a Process for Recovering Bitumen from Oil Sands") and the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent 9,314,713 ("Apparatus and Method for Recovering a Hydrocarbon Diluent from Tailings"). These issuances bring to 13 the total number of patents held by the Company. Titanium's patent portfolio provides intellectual property protection across the Company's entire technology value chain, designed to efficiently recover valuable hydrocarbons and minerals from oil sands froth treatment tailings and deliver economic and environmental benefits.
BioteQ Reports Director Election Results at AGM
VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - June 23, 2016) - BioteQ Environmental Technologies, Inc. (TSX VENTURE: BQE), a leader in the treatment of mine impacted water, today reported that all nominees listed in the management proxy circular dated May 11, 2016 were elected as directors of BioteQ at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) of shareholders held on June 21, 2016.
Carpathian Gold Strengthens Engineering Team and Provides Corporate Update
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 23, 2016) - Carpathian Gold Inc. (CSE:CPN) (the "Corporation" or "Carpathian") is pleased to provide a corporate update following the recently announced private placement, management re-organization, and the divestment of its Riacho dos Machados project in Brazil.
Ossen Innovation to Host First Quarter 2016 Earnings Conference Call on Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. ET
SHANGHAI, June 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ossen Innovation Co., Ltd. ("Ossen" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: OSN), a China-based manufacturer of an array of plain surface, rare earth and zinc coated pre-stressed steel materials, today announced that it will host its first quarter 2016 financial results conference call at 8:30 a.m. ET on Thursday, June 30, 2016. The Company anticipates releasing its financial results after the market close on Wednesday, June 29, 2016.
North Star BlueScope Steel Taps IBM Watson and Wearable Devices to Monitor Activity of Workers in Extreme Environments
ARMONK, N.Y. and DELTA, Ohio, June 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- North Star BlueScope Steel, a steel producer for global building and construction industries, today announced that it is applying IBM (NYSE: IBM) Watson Internet of Things (IoT) technology and wearable devices to pioneer novel approaches to help protect workers in extreme environments. The IBM Employee Wellness and Safety Solution, a research project that analyzes data collected from sensors in workers' wearables, provides data to North Star management in real time when the technology senses potentially problematic conditions.
New Liberty Gold Mine: Update on the Recommencement of Processing Operations


Centerra Reports Kumtor Mine Receives 2016 Emissions and Discharge Permits
TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - June 23, 2016) - Centerra Gold Inc. (TSX: CG) reports that its Kumtor operation, located in the Kyrgyz Republic, has received its 2016 maximum allowable emissions ("MAE") permit from the Kyrgyz Republic State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry ("SAEPF").
Great Panther Silver reports fatality at Guanajuato
Essar Steel Algoma Confirms SISP Status
SAULT STE. MARIE, ON, June 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - Essar Steel Algoma Inc. filed a motion on June 17, 2016 for Court approval of an Asset Purchase Agreement with a consortium of bidders formed by KPS Capital Partners, LP and the Company's prepetition term lenders. The bid was selected in accordance with the court approved Sale and Investment Solicitation Process ("SISP"), after consultation with the Company's financial advisors and the Chief Restructuring Advisor, and with the approval of the Monitor, who is appointed by the court to supervise the process.
ITC Vote Will Trigger Relief to Steelworkers Making Cold-Rolled Steel Flat Products
PITTSBURGH, June 22, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard released the following statement today after the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) unanimously voted that dumped and subsidized cold-rolled steel flat products from China and Japan were injuring domestic producers and workers. This was the final phase of the investigation, and duties will help to restore fair pricing conditions.
Boart Longyear to showcase key products that serve multiple markets at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016
SALT LAKE CITY, June 22, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Boart Longyear (, the world's leading provider of drilling services, equipment and performance tooling, will present a broad range of underground, surface, multipurpose, sonic and production drill rigs; performance tooling; and the first two products in the company's instrumentation line, TruCore(TM) and TruShot(TM), at MINExpo in Las Vegas, NV, from September 26 to 28.
AsiaBaseMetals Inc. Issues Options
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - June 22, 2016) - AsiaBaseMetals Inc. ("AsiaBase" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:ABZ) is pleased to announce, subject to regulatory approval, it has granted 750,000 stock options to Directors and members of the Advisory Board. These options will be exercisable at $0.30 for a period of two (2) years from the date of granting.
Iberian Minerals Adopts Advance Notice Policy for Nominating Directors
EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - June 22, 2016) - Iberian Minerals Ltd. ("the Company") (TSX VENTURE:IML)(OTCQB:SLDRF) announced today that the board of directors of the Company (the "Board") has approved the adoption of an advance notice policy (the "Policy") for the purpose of providing shareholders, directors and management of Iberian Minerals with a clear framework for nominating directors. The Policy is meant to: (i) facilitate an orderly and efficient annual general or, where the need arises, special meeting, process; (ii) ensure all shareholders receive adequate notice of the director nominations and sufficient information with respect to all nominees; and (iii) allow shareholders to register an informed vote having been afforded reasonable time for appropriate deliberation.
Myson Group Provides Important Corporate Updates
NEW YORK and HANOI, Vietnam, June 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Myson Group, Inc. (OTC Markets:MYSN) today provided updates on a number of corporate issues for the company’s shareholders and investors.
Experts Corner
Gold More Productive Than Cash?!
by Axel Merk, Merk Investments
Is gold, often scoffed at as being an unproductive asset, more productive than cash? If so, what does it mean for asset allocation?
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John Kaiser Uses Outcome Visualization to find “World Class” Arizona Mining
by Allen Alper Jr.
One of the big problems speculators and resource plays have is company comes up with a big intersection -- one hundred meters of -- four and a half percent zinc, four and a half percent lead ... What does it mean?
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Money Metals Issues 2016 Gold/Silver Forecast
by Clint Siegner, Money Metals Exchange
Clint Siegner is a Director at Money Metals Exchange, the national precious metals company named 2015 "Dealer of the Year" in the United States by an independent global ratings group. A graduate of Linfield College in Oregon, Siegner puts his experience in business management along with his passion for personal liberty, limited government, and honest money into the development of Money Metals' brand and reach. This includes writing extensively on the bullion markets and their intersection with policy and world affairs.
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AOTH’s Richard Mills Sernova Corp Interview
by Richard (Rick) Mills / Ahead of the Herd
Sernova Corp. TSX.V – SVA has developed the subcutaneous Cell Pouch™ specifically designed to overcome the issues with previous implanted devices for cell transplantation. Sernova’s extensive Phase I/II clinical safety and efficacy studies have shown this device to be both safe and effective, while being sparing of islets, supporting its design and function.
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Brine Lithium Harvesting Compared to Hard Rock Mining
by Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA Twitter: @peterepstein2
Before launching into a comparison of hard rock lithium mining vs. harvesting lithium brines, it's important to point out that hard rock mining can be preferable to alternative methods, but usually only where hard rock mining is already entrenched in places like the Greenbushes mine located in south Western Australia... Also, I use the word, “lithium” loosely to describe lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide and other forms of lithium. Please see applicable disclosures at the bottom of this article.
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Nevada Copper Corp Getting No Respect, Acquisition Target?
by Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA Twitter: @peterepstein2
Copper Supply Far From Secure, Production Costs Rising
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Warrants: Options On The Future
by Dudley Pierce Baker
Have you ever explored the numerous opportunities available using stock warrants? Probably Not!
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Why Commodity Prices Are Down and May Go Lower
by Mickey Fulp the Mercenary Geologist
A multitude of mavens, pundits, sages, wizards, writers, and assorted talking heads with various but vested interests in the hard commodities sector have weighed-in on the supposed demise of the secular bull market in “stuff” over the past few months
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Accelerating to What Exactly?
by Richard (Rick) Mills / Ahead of the Herd
We humans have been changing the world around us for tens of thousands of years. It’s pretty much what we do, we shape and we change the existing environment through design and then indifference to the results of our actions.
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Thomas S. Drolet Explains Why He Is Bullish On Uranium
by Dr. Allen Alper and Aaron Hoos
Gold, silver, copper, iron ore… It’s easy to think of the hard metals when you think of the metals and mining industry. But one mineral that you should be paying attention to is uranium. Other metals may turn into products and infrastructure; uranium turns into energy.
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Rick Mills: Greenland Is the Final Frontier for Lower-Cost Mining
Richard Mills Industrial minerals like copper and nickel are essential to global economic expansion. But everywhere you look, grades are getting lower, and costs are getting much, much higher. Is there a way out? Rick Mills says mining companies need to look to Greenland.
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A VMS Venture
According to the Metals Economics Group report, ‘Strategies for Copper Reserves Replacement Study’ a combination of lower grades and higher costs (taxation, royalty and environmental approval) are pushing up the copper mining industry’s capital and operating costs.
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The Greatest Gold Rush
by Richard (Rick) Mills / Ahead of the Herd
As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.

Here’s four facts I want you to have on your screen before we get going:
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Global Cobalt
by Richard (Rick) Mills / Ahead of the Herd
Most of the world’s cobalt is mined in Africa and the majority of Africa’s cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The DRC represented about 55 percent of global mine supply in 2012 and the country contains almost 50 percent of known worldwide cobalt reserves.
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Gold Price Forecast 2013, Buying Opportunity?, is Silver Cheaper?
by Nadeem Walayat
Gold and Silver bugs have had an abysmally poor 2012 against expectations for new all time highs, where a 1 year bear market from the August 2011 high into the May 2012 low failed to spark a sustained run to new all time highs. The rally from which petered out by early October at $1800, followed by another trend back to leave Gold at $1657 as per the last close, this despite reams and reams of material plastered all over the internet that hoped for an eventual return to a gold standard or "Sound Money" as being the ultimate outcome of our ongoing global debt and money printing crisis.
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